Peak IH (F)


Peak IH (F)

Horizontal, non-metallic, chemical centrifugal pump, compliant with ISO ISO2858, DIN EN 22858. Available in cast iron, SS304, or plastic coated. It is a great selection for pumping liquids such as: acids, alkalis, salt solution, strong oxidants, organic solvents, corrosive slurries, solvents, hydrocarbons and other strong corrosive mediums, ammonia water ion film caustic soda, and waste water.

  • Acid pickling process,
  • Painting process
  • Textile industry, etc
  • Pharmacy and Health
  • Electroplating industry
  • Chlorine water and waste water treatment,
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Adding acid process.
  • Model and parameters

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