PCM Dostam


PCM Dostam

Dostam inline static mixers from PCM offer the perfect solution for industrial food processing, allowing you to create innovative compositions whilst protecting costly ingredients.

PCM’s industrial food mixers deliver a cost effective, safe solution for your operations. Ideal for blending products with similar viscosity and in similar proportions, the Dostam mixer also offers some further advantages:
  • The Dostam is easy to integrate into your industrial food mixing process, as it simply connects to the piping.
  • Our mixers use smaller volumes, meaning that less product is lost when switching recipes or at the end of a product run. This feature also means that they’re perfect for mixing tasks which require the addition of time-sensitive ingredients.
  • As our mixers contain no moving parts, they require no power requirements and endure no wear and tear.
  • As there are no spare parts to be replaced, our mixers require low maintenance. They’re also easy to clean, as unlike batch mixing, there’s no tank to be cleaned at the end of a production run.

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