PCM C Pump


PCM C Pump

The EcoMoineau™ C is the shortest stainless steel Progressing Cavity Pump in the market. This new Eco designed and compact pump is dedicated for food markets (FDA and European Food regulations compliant materials).
  • Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM Progressing Cavity Pump technology with a highly modular, eco-friendly design, achieving 42% shorter, and 57% lighter. The EcoMoineau™ C pump requires less space for installation which reduces costs and facilitates its integration.
  • The EcoMoineau™ C pump is lighter (less raw materials) and uses 10% less power than most Progressing Cavity Pump’s on the market. The energy used to manufacture, transport and operate the EcoMoineau™ C pump is therefore optimized.
  • The EcoMoineau™ C pump is made with fewer parts compared to competitors models. This new stainless steel pump has a multiple of design features that make installation, operation and servicing easier than ever before, saving up to 23% of time required for maintenance.

Integrated construction
  • Cost effective solution including single bellow mechanical seal (self positioning)
  • Shortest and lightest design

Monobloc and bearing construction
  • Five sealing solutions available
  • Spacer with improved access to the sealing system
  • Rubber deflector: protecting the drive and bearing therefore.

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