Product introduction

New generation submersible sewage pump with improved features. Body is made of cast iron and impeller is made of cast iron/SS304/SS316. Auto-coupling design allows for pump top pull out from sump pit for maintenance works without needing to dismantle pipeline. 

Performance and advantages
  • Special cable production process can prevent water leak to motor cabinet when cable cover is broken or front of cable is submersed.
  • Submersible motor with protection level IPX8, insulation class F, motor can cut off power supply in abnormal condition.
  • The pump features outside frameworks oil seal and double mechanical seal. Hydraulic lifter installed inside oil chamber ensures lubrication of mechanical seal even when oil level is low. 
  • Automatic vent valve enables pump to exhaust air automatically when pumping water.
  • Semi-closed and open shape double channel design impeller prolongs pump life as well balanced impeller produce stable running with less vibration.

  • Sewage water treatment system for construction, industrial enterprises, municipal projects, etc
  • Drainage, waste water treatment for city environmental protection system.
  • Prospection mines, etc
  • Irrigation, fen, aquaculture, fountain, etc

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