Product introduction

Stainless steel self-suction gas-liquid mixing pump with fully open turbine impeller designed for clear and low viscosity liquid, or liquid containing extra-fine foreign matters with optional explosion proof motor for explosive flammable liquid containing very little solids.

Pump body is made of SS304. Impeller is made of SS304.

Horizontal inlet, vertical outlet.

Performance and advantages
  • It can suck water while sucking gas and pressurize and mix them inside it. Ultra fine bubble 20-30u. It renders a good gas-liquid solving effect.
  • It has stable performances, high efficiency and low noise level, and its gas-liquid solving efficiency is as high as twice that of the traditional mode.
  • When used in air suspension unit, air compressors, various mixers, high pressure air solving tanks, and releasers may be saved and thus the weakness of instable air supply and boiling of large air bubble which likely occur in traditional working model will be eliminated.
  • When used in ozone water preparing equipment, many mixers and large oxidation towers may be saved and thus the cost for equipment will be greatly reduced. In addition, its gas-liquid solving ratio may exceed 95%.
  • It is simple in structure and operation, easy in maintenance and durable and needs less components. It has a good self-suction capacity and wide application range.

  • Air suspension treating equipment, ozone water preparing equipment, and biological treating equipment.
  • Feeding of heating or cooling medium for various temperature adjusting devices.
  • Various filters: sucking or high pressure transferring low viscosity liquid from underground tank, such as gasoline and various solvent.
  • Misting treatment of clear water, pure water, foods, chemical solution, and waste solution.
  • Strict applications (continuous running, abrupt variation in hydraulic pressure): such as small-scale steam boiler, high building water supply, high pressure water injection to high pressure tank, and suction from vacuum tank.
  • Sampling from river or tank, feeding foam-forming liquid, liquid feed through long and horizontal pipeline, where air pockets likely occur.

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